Friday, January 17, 2020

There's always room for goofballs in The Smooch! Project

Molly tries to luv Lee-Lee
The sisters had a plan. "We want to to do an air kiss," one of the them said, looking a bit worried I might say no. They demonstrated one for me so I knew what they were talking about. "Yes, of course!" I happily said. From my viewpoint, The Smooch! Project has plenty of room for humor and silliness. In almost no time at all, I managed to snag this gorgeous shot of a beautifully proffered kiss vs. a dramatically feigned disdain. This photo has always reminded me of Renaissance cherubic angels, with their smooth, soft cheeks and upturned eyes. Siblings aged 11 and 12, I still wonder if their mother would have thought so too.

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