Friday, January 24, 2020

This dog was far far smarter than me

Rodeo luvs Ben
Rodeo sauntered into the shoot with his human family: a mom and her two sons. I photographed all four of them in various combinations and later selected this pic as the best portrait of the dog with one of his humans. Did you know I use peanut butter to get the dogs to lick their loved one where I can get the best shot? Turns out, Rodeo loves peanut butter. I mean, really loves peanut butter. As soon as my back was turned, he snatched my small plastic cup of it and instantly dove under the table with it, just far enough away so I couldn't reach him. I remember hearing the plastic crunching between his teeth while his adult human told me not to worry about it. I got the impression she was quite used to his tricks. Like I said: A very smart dog.

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